Comfortable, warm, and moisture-wicking, shop our Merino wool socks for men and women. Made in the USA, these high-quality socks are perfect for all types of outdoor activities, including hiking, skiing/snowboarding and trail running.

Perfect For Outdoor Adventures

Find comfort all year round. Our versatile selection of Merino wool socks for men and women are designed to keep you comfortable no matter the situation. Whether you're hiking or skiing, the Merino wool fabric is meant to keep you cool when it's warm and warm when it's cold. Whatever you get up to, your feet will thank you for covering them in Merino wool.

Year-round Comfort

Once you switch to Merino wool socks, you'll never go back. The natural properties of Merino wool keep your feet feeling fresh, offering excellent breathability and comfort in both hot and cold weather. Made in the USA, snag a pair (or two) of our Merino wool socks for your next outdoor mission.

Merino Wool Benefits

Merino wool offers buttery softness unmatched by all other active wear fabrics. The fibers that make up our Merino wool socks are extra fine and have none of the scratchy feel and irritating texture commonly associated with accessories made from standard wool.


I have issues with ichy feet if they are in the wrong type of socks. These fit nicely, aren't too hot and my feet don't itch.

Jeremy N.

Verified Buyer

I've always gotten some sort of blister by the end of my backpacking trips in the past but these socks prevented that, went about 42 miles over 3 days and zero feet problems.

T. K.

Verified Reviewer

Great socks! Very comfortable… I think I like them better than my smart wool socks !

Shelly N.

Verified Buyer

The socks are amazing. Great fit and keep your feet warm.

Karen T

Verified Buyer