Our Merino wool pants will keep you comfortable on the hill, warm during those frigid nights in town and cozy while you sleep. Choose from several styles of Merino wool base layers, mid layers and - new this year - two styles of Merino wool joggers.

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Merino Wool Fabric

In addition to being a natural, renewable, and biodegradable fiber, Merino wool offers unparalleled comfort and versatility resulting in the best base layers available. Merino wool regulates body temperature by releasing heat and keeping sweat away from your skin. It is also naturally antimicrobial, repelling bacteria that cause body odor, to stave off stink.

(m)Force™ Technology

Our Aspect Merino Wool Base Layers feature our exclusive (m)Force™ Nylon Core Technology. We engineered super-soft Merino next to skin to achieve unmatched comfort and performance and wrapped it around a continuous nylon filament for improved strength. The result is a fabric that holds it shape, dries faster and lasts longer than 100% Merino at similar weights. This means our (m)Force fabrics have all the technical benefits of 100% Merino wool with the enhanced durability typically associated with synthetics.

Go Further, Stay Out Longer

Whether you're working out in the Convict Canyon Joggers or sitting around a campfire in our Hyde Joggers, you are going to feel the comforts and reap the benefits of Merino wool.


We let our reviews speak for themselves.

"These joggers are super comfortable and perfect for getting out there on the cooler days."

Andy M.

Convict Canyon Jogger

"I've now amassed a complete collection of Aspect bottoms and Zip tops (black, gray, navy, green/camo) and couldn't be more satisfied...I basically live in these bad-boys December through March"

Frank R

Aspect Midweight Base Layer Bottom

I'm a bit over 2 weeks into owning these, and despite working to reduce the number of pants I have (one of my reasons for buying these), I've come close to buying a second pair.

Jeremy A

100% Merino Hyde Jogger

Awesome product. Warm and comfortable. I love it. Bought both the top and bottoms.

Sam P

Inversion Heavyweight Base Layer Bottom

These are the perfect length so they don't get bunched up in ski boots. Warm, wick well and comfy.

Ryan R

Aspect Midweight 3/4 Length Base Layer Bottom