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Merino Wool

Our Merino wool is not only renewable and biodegradable, it's also smooth and soft on your skin. It keeps your core temperature perfectly regulated, wicks sweat and breathes better than any performance fabric, so you always feel warm and never too hot or clammy. Merino wool protects you from high-alpine UV rays and is odor-resistant, making it the natural choice for ski and snowboard base layers.

Merino Wool Benefits

~Soft - No itch, premium ultra-fine 18.5 micron fibers feel great against your skin.

~Climate control - Natural temperature regulation means Ridge insulates when it’s cold and lets heat escape when temperatures rise.

~Moisture management - Ridge natural fibers wick moisture away from your skin to prevent clamminess.

~No stink - Due to its antimicrobial qualities, Merino wool naturally and permanently resists odor without the use of chemicals.

~Sun Protection - UPF 50+ certified

Fabric You Need to Feel to Believe

Our super soft and warm 100% Merino Wool Inversion Base Layers offer the perfect option for those colder days no matter how and where you shred.