Prepare for Maine State Testing with a MECAS Practice Test

As virtual tests, Maine Comprehensive Assessment System (MECAS) tests require students to interact with technology and digital test elements in order to demonstrate what they’ve learned. To be prepared, your students need opportunities to practice and hone their virtual testing skills in an environment similar to the MECAS testing platform.
Here’s what you should know about MECAS and how to prepare your students with virtual practice tests.

What Is a MECAS Test?

The Maine Comprehensive Assessment System (MECAS) is a testing system that evaluates student achievement of the Common Core State Standards for math and English language arts and the Next Generation Science Standards. MECAS tests, or the Maine Educational Assessments, for math and English language arts are the Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) MAP GROWTH assessments. The MECAS science assessment is the New Meridian Science Assessment.
The subjects and grade levels tested with MECAS tests are as follows:
  • English language arts/literacy (grades 3–8, third year of high school)
  • Mathematics (grades 3–8, third year of high school)
  • Science (grades 5, 8, third year of high school)
The MECAS tests — NWEA and New Meridian, alike — are computer-based, and the NWEA tests are adaptive, meaning a student’s answers influence what questions are provided next. This adaptation enables a more accurate measure of student achievement level. Technology-enhanced questions allow for greater assessment of knowledge, rather than rote recall, especially on the science exam.
Maine students with significant cognitive disabilities may qualify to take the Multi-State Alternate Assessment (MSAA), rather than the MECAS tests. MSAA covers the same subjects and grade levels as MECAS tests, and tests against alternate standards. MSAA tests are computer-based, though paper tests are available for accommodations required by IEP. The MSAA Science test measures student learning against Extended Performance Expectations, which are aligned to the Next Generation Science Standards. This spring (2022) is the second field test of the MSAA Science test.
English language learners in Maine take the ACCESS for ELLs, an English language proficiency test, in Kindergarten through grade 12. The test is computer-based for grades 1 and up, paper-based for Kindergarten students or as an accommodation for students with disabilities. English learners with significant cognitive disabilities take the Alternate ACCESS for ELLs.
The testing windows for Maine state tests are available on their website.

How to Use the MECAS Practice Tests to Prep Your Students

Online tests like MECAS require students to have virtual test-taking skills. Your students will need to know how to navigate through the test, from beginning to end, interacting with questions and features along the way to provide their answers and demonstrate their learning. This is where MECAS practice tests come in.
MECAS practice tests, in a platform like Edulastic, provide your students the opportunity to practice engaging with technology-enhanced questions and other virtual test features. From drag-and-drop and dropdown to graph building, table filling, and equation creation, MECAS practice tests will help your students learn exactly how to interact with the elements on-screen to arrive at their answer.
For an extra bonus, have your students take the MECAS practice tests on the same device they’ll use on test day. This way, whether they use a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer, they’ll know exactly how the testing environment works on their device.
Virtual practice sessions develop students’ virtual skills — they also build student confidence. With a few sessions under their belts, your students will be ready to enter test day with self-assurance and no nervous butterflies.

The MECAS Practice Test Is Available in Edulastic

At Edulastic, we’re all about helping educators like you gain the insights you need to help your students succeed. With MECAS practice tests (already uploaded to the Edulastic Public Library!), you’ll be able to see exactly what type of questions and content your students struggle with — and you can use this knowledge to shape future practice test sessions or how you spend time in class.
The best part: An Edulastic account is free. All you have to do is sign up, and you’ll be ready to deliver MECAS practice tests to your students.
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